It’s better to compare the sales method and trade at a good price.
As new cars continue to emerge from many countries, there are a lot of people who sell used cars that they currently own. You can save money by selling your car and pay to buy a recently launched car, and if you don't have to use a used car, you have a lot of cases […]

As new cars continue to emerge from many countries, there are a lot of people who sell used cars that they currently own. You can save money by selling your car and pay to buy a recently launched car, and if you don't have to use a used car, you have a lot of cases to deal with. However, it would be the same feeling not only in Korea but also in all countries to hope that the high price of the car you spent on buying the latest model will be sold at a cost that will not cause much damage in the future.

Especially in Korea, the reduction factor is more severe than in other countries, so the reduction of used vehicles with performance problems or driving distances exceeding the average height is really high. A used car with a mileage of over 15,000 kilometers can be very difficult to trade at reasonable prices, no matter how good the car is due to mechanical defects. Moreover, if the model year is an old used car, it will not be easy to sell it back in the domestic market.

If most people find it difficult to sell their used cars in the domestic market, it is often said that they are scrapped. These days, however, there are many customers who trade used cars that are difficult to sell in Korea by exporting used vehicles with relatively slow deduction rates. As imported used cars are exported overseas, not Korea, cars are important, but there is a big difference in sales amount depending on the type of cars they like abroad.

In addition, depending on what engine is in the same vehicle, it is not easy to trade. Let's take a closer look at what cars are doing well in the used car export market today. Preferred vehicles of self-employed businesses, the flagship cargo trucks Porter 2 and Bongo 3 in South Korea, are also popular in many countries, including South Korea. Whether it is possible to sell used Labo and Potter in Korea or not is different based on 88카 the 08 model.

Older vehicles can be disposed of early because they emit air pollutants. However, due to the nature of the truck, the amount of money you provide is not that big, so if you dispose of the car without selling it in Korea, it is recommended to calculate both the subsidy and the export price. Porter and Bongo, which are equipped with an old-fashioned car engine, have a very high value measurement abroad, so it is quite advantageous for sales. The Porter/Bonggo status, which can be resold in the domestic market, has a mileage of less than 200,000 km, and is used a lot, so if there are safety concerns, a lot of reduction will be carried out.

Used cargo trucks, which can negotiate good prices in the export market, can earn higher prices because single-super/King Cap vehicles are more convenient to load goods in many countries in Africa and Latin America. Car models are passenger cars, with a fairly large percentage of used car exports. Previously, oil car passenger cars were highly preferred in the Middle East, Libya, and Egypt, but now they are selling domestic used SUVs overseas to meet the rough roads of countries such as South America and Africa. Many people originally wanted to buy the 2004-2006 model, but developing countries also prefer the all-new Tucson, Santa Fe and all-new Sorento, which are subcompact SUVs that cost at least 10 years more and cost a little more.

These are models that can be sold in the domestic used car market if the vehicle is in good condition and the mileage is low, but if the driving distance is high compared to long-distance driving, it is efficient to check the market price of the domestic used car and compare the overseas export market. If these options are added, four-wheel drive and manual gear missions, which are advantageous to operate in developing countries with a lot of rough roads, a subcompact SUV with a fairly high mileage may be more reasonable than the market price in the domestic market. Because it is mainly sent to South America, equipped with things such as sunroofs, white, and auto air conditioners can also have a good effect on sales prices.

The sedan that can be easily seen in a car is a Verna Click car. Over the years, due to the surprising productivity and durability of the car, it is seen as a car with better product performance than the price in Korea and sold at a higher price in the direct export market. You can buy the latest models in Korea, and only cars with less mileage are sold based on gasoline cars.

It may be impossible to sell a car with a lot of scratches or a lot of use, but depending on the state of the export to other countries, you can get a satisfactory amount of money from buyers from Middle Eastern countries, so you should calculate the average selling price of used cars. The overall condition of a car is old, and there is no law requiring a car that has no functional disability due to the old model year to be scrapped. It's important how much used cars can be sold, so it's better to trade at a good price by comparing other methods of sale rather than just considering the used car market in Korea.

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