I’d like to highly recommend a Swedish massage shop!
Hello~ How did you spend this weekend? I wanted to leave anywhere because it was warmer than usual, but because of the corona, I practiced Bangkok life. I ran out of energy from meetings and overtime these days, so I wanted to get some healing this weekend, so I was looking for a good massage […]

Hello~ How did you spend this weekend? I wanted to leave anywhere because it was warmer than usual, but because of the corona, I practiced Bangkok life. I ran out of energy from meetings and overtime these days, so I wanted to get some healing this weekend, so I was looking for a good massage shop through Gunma Vanhada site and found a nice and general one, so I'm visiting Bupyeong Swedish massage shop!

Purple, which I visited, is located within 5 minutes of walking from Exit 8 of Bupyeong Northern Station. I went there by public transportation, but it was close to the station so I could easily find it. If you're taking your car, you can park for free, so you'll be able to visit comfortably.

The Swedish massage shop is open from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m., and when your phone is off, it's closed or random, so you should keep that in mind. Also, it will be automatically canceled if the reservation time exceeds 10 minutes without contacting, so you need to contact me in advance to get care.

Before I entered the shop, I disinfected my hands, measured my body temperature, filled out my diary, and disinfected my clothes with a separate disinfectant. These days, when corona is extremely severe, people become sensitive to disinfection or disinfection. Bupyeong Massage Shop sterilizes the entire shop about 5-6 times a day. What's he doing well the rules of quarantine and disinfection, meticulously at ease to hear can a massage.

The shop was a bit dark overall. If it's too bright, it's burdensome. It doesn't feel like I'm here to rest. But I really liked the atmosphere of Bupyeong Swedish Massage Shop because the lighting is cozy and calm. The furniture is modern, so the shop looks neat.

They gave me a warm tea, but it was a tea of a person with a nice scent. It feels like barley tea, but the stronger scent and taste is really good for warming up in the cold winter! Also, the 중랑건마 Swedish massage shop is not a tea bag, but a tea made by himself, so it has a deeper taste even if it's the same name.

While drinking tea, I heard about the program at the Bupyeong massage shop. The program consisted of basic course A 60 minutes 80,000 won, B 90 minutes 110,000 won, VIP course A 60 minutes 100,000 won, B 90 minutes 130,000 won. I chose the VIP course for 90 minutes because I wanted to rest properly this time.

The VIP course is said to be managed by selecting the oil you want. The Swedish Massage Manager helped me test the oil with an explanation. There were three kinds of scents: lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. I chose lavender oil, which is good for insomnia, stress, and tension.

I was shown to the changing room for maintenance. The lockers at Bupyeong Swedish Massage Shop were bigger than other places. It's good to store clothes that are thick and long like winter clothes, and there's a separate compartment with heavy luggage or bags, so I was able to store my luggage comfortably. The locker had gowns prepared in advance. Maybe because it's well-washed, it's very soft and has a very soft touch on the skin.

There was a dressing room and a powder room shower. The powder room was equipped with body care, disposable products, and skincare products. Even if you come unexpectedly to get a massage, it's a well-prepared Bupyeong massage shop, so I think it'll be great to come comfortably.

The shower room at the Swedish massage shop was clean as if it had never been wet or wet. I don't like my hair so much that I'm sensitive, but it's so clean here that I could take a shower comfortably without any inconvenience.

We prepared a fragrant foot bath and pretty flowers in advance. I was able to get a foot bath by choosing the foot bath I wanted. I think it's a big advantage to have Bupyeong Aroma massage shop take care of the products that I want.

The Bupyeong Swedish Massage Manager washed my feet first, and then got water at the right temperature to release the foot bath. The scent of silver jar makes you feel comfortable. I feel like I'm here for healing because it's been a while since I've had a foot bath, so I felt my stress and tension melt down like a foot bath. I had a leisurely foot bath after a long time.

After the foot bath, I moved to my room for treatment, and there was a bit of a Swedish massage shop. There are a lot of rooms, a single room, a two-person room, and a group room, so any type of guest can be accommodated, so it would be nice to enjoy a massage together if you make a reservation first.

We have a supervisor who will give us a Bupyeong aroma massage. You start with the lavender oil I chose. I don't know if it's because you know it's effective, but as you gently massage my skin, I slowly get relaxed with the scent of lavender.

Even if I get the same massage, I feel like it's more beneficial to take care of my skin with the right oil. The Bupyeong Swedish Massage Manager worked hard on the areas where it's clumped together. I tend to get really overweight, so when I feel a little pressure, I scream or say something that hurts, but when I get it here, I feel very comfortable.

90 minutes passed as fast as 10 minutes. It was a Korean massage in Bupyeong that I was so happy that I felt a bit disappointed after a Korean massage in Bupyeong. The neck, shoulders, and calves were the worst. The part that hurt a lot just by touching it feels like it's getting lighter. They did a great job.
Personally, the facilities, services, and skills were flawless. It's not just a manual. It's a customized one for each customer. It's a great advantage of a Swedish massage shop.

If you want to relax or get a proper healing, I'd like to recommend the Bupyeong Swedish Massage Shop that I've been to.

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