You can get free counseling and data.
500,000 won per month.Big, little, little money.But this is enough as an extra income.I think it's pretty good.​Well, it's not a lot of course.There's not much difference in life.So this is what you're supposed to do every month.It's a great help to me.​I don't spend a lot of time.Easy to do at home.It's a telecommuting […]

500,000 won per month.
Big, little, little money.
But this is enough as an extra income.
I think it's pretty good.

Well, it's not a lot of course.
There's not much difference in life.
So this is what you're supposed to do every month.
It's a great help to me.

I don't spend a lot of time.
Easy to do at home.
It's a telecommuting job.

Before I do this,
A home-type alba 밤일알바 must have a blog.
I didn't think it was easy to make a profit.

If you look at the reviews of the moon,
There's a lot of posting jobs.
There's a story that he failed.

But it's a matter of fact that all those worries
You don't have to do it at all.
Create and activate your blog.
You don't have to put a lot of effort and time into it.

I can do it without a blog.
Write a blog post on your notepad.
We can submit it.

So even the beginners can write the manuscript.
It's possible to make a simple profit.

Simple manuscript preparation, Alvara.
It's simple.

So after I get what I need to write,
You can write something similar to that.
So you don't have to make it hard.
Even a bad writer.
It's something he can do.

It's my first time doing a home-typing.
It wasn't hard to get started.

Even if the typing speed is slow,
You can use it, right?
Well, if you get a little tip and guide,
Anyone can work.

I wasn't very good at first, either.
I've learned how to teach you and I've been consulted.
You're improving fast.

Every time I write a piece of course,
I'm getting paid for the manuscript.
I'm just gonna take what I've done.

He's a man of natural importance for safety.
I like this realistic and safe job.

No matter what else.
I'm the only one who works, and I'm the only one who gets paid.
You get a steady monthly return.

There's no fixed amount or duration.
I can do as much as I want.

I only used two last week.
I've filled out two this week.
You don't have to work, you don't have to fill in a lot.
They're all autonomous.

Can you see it?
It's the amount I earned in February.
February is only a few days away.
You barely made it past 50.
But I had a day off, so I worked more.

I've been working for 28 days.
In terms of a day, I earned more than 20,000 won.
I worked 1-2 hours a day.
If you think of it as an hourly wage, it's kind of easy.

It's comfortable working at home.
It's an attractive job!

If I'm the only one who keeps doing it,
You keep making money.
You can use the item for life.
I'm not worried about work.

Sometimes I look at other teletype jobs.
We have to do it like we're selling.
You've lost a lot of time dealing with people.
There's nothing like that.

Only after receiving the original text.
Write something similar in your notepad and submit it, and you're done!
The rest of them are from the company.
Take care of everything.

So I don't have this much honey to do.
Until I can.
I'm going to keep doing it.

Feel free to do it any time.
You're doing a guaranteed job of making money no matter what.
I'm relieved.

I've been able to work consistently.
The process and know-how of working at the beginning.
Because we all started learning.
I think it's possible.

I'm going to watch the video and see how you write.
I need to be aware of what I need to be aware of and know-how.
They're all actors.

One episode was short, so I listened to it whenever I had time.
I've been studying so hard.
It's the first time I've been able to write in 30-40 minutes.
He's been the driving force.

From basic education to data through E-book to consulting
Easy to teletype, easy to do.
There's a system in place.
It'll be easy to get started.

If I had a computer,
Anyone can make money at home.

Writing makes money.
It won't hurt you if you don't.
We can do it freely.

I don't need any specs to work.
I don't need a blog.
You can make money if you teletype right away.

In the first month I started writing,
I made 230,000 won right away.
410,000 won the next month.
I'm getting paid around 500,000 won now.

230,000 won for the first month!

even at the beginning
Even if you're not good at writing,
Even if the batter is slow,
Even though I'm older,
It doesn't matter.

It's easy to follow what's written.
It's similar every time, so I adapt quickly.
So once you've mastered what you're telling me,
He's a home-typing worker. He can make money quickly.

I don't know yet.
If you have any questions,
Ask the specialist for details.
I asked you everything you wanted to know.
You can get free counseling and data.
It'll be easy to understand.

Now, everybody.
Let's make some money in my house!

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