It was a day when the early morning business trip made me a little leisurely.
We are heading to Hongsang-ri Cheongmaesil Farm located in Daap-myeon, Gwangyang-si to meet plum blossoms, which are the epitome of spring flowers that began in Jeju. The expected time on the road was three to four hours, which was the best to hold the sunrise with flowers, so I couldn't help but blink. As I […]

We are heading to Hongsang-ri Cheongmaesil Farm located in Daap-myeon, Gwangyang-si to meet plum blossoms, which are the epitome of spring flowers that began in Jeju. The expected time on the road was three to four hours, which was the best to hold the sunrise with flowers, so I couldn't help but blink. As I visited this place after more than 20 years, I was overwhelmed with that feeling.

I'm following my friend who I found a year ago. Maybe because it's a weekday. Did anyone come to see you because you didn't hear from the sun? I climbed up to the master's compound with a tripod in an almost empty parking lot, and there were about three or four people waiting with a tripod. This is where it is.

Even the skylight shows a color that is close to gray, so you can slowly enjoy it along the road and look around. Daapmyeon, which is formed along the Seomjingang River between Baegunsan Mountain and Jirisan Mountain Valley, was filled with plum flowers. Suncheon seems to show regional characteristics such as sweet persimmon trees and Gurye Sansuyu trees.
On the edge of Seomjingang River, you will see a 100-ri theme road bike path along the Seomjingang River, and you will cross the river to meet Pyeongsari Park in Hadong, Gyeongsang Province. It is the hometown of Chung Dong-won, a gifted singer discovered by Mr. Trot, so I wanted to look around if I didn't have the next schedule.

I think the Cheongmaesil Farm in Hongsang-ri, Gwangyang Maehwa Village, is a recommended place for a trip to Jeolla-do in March. How many trees have been planted? I didn't have any questions. However, I think it is because of the efforts of Mrs. Hong Ssang-ri, the female bookkeeper, to show how she is today. I thought he was a farmer of this era and a hero.

The Spring Flower Festival has been canceled, but it's a good season for spring outing. When did we start liking plum blossoms? Is it because the flowers joined the Four Musketeers? It was a cloudy day, but I could still see it. I think this week will be the prettiest. It is called 여행 Dongmae when it blooms on a cold day, Jomae when it blooms early, Seoljungmae when it blooms in the snow, Hongmaehwa of red flowers, and Baekmaehwa of white flowers.

I took a macro lens, but… I carried a tripod, but I put it in the way I could see it. This place is also known as a masterpiece on a bright day with octagonal pavilion in the background.

Flowers can be seen only when you look closely, but the clumping creates another landscape, which looks like corn popcorn. It was a movie set, a drama set, a place that used to come out on TV a lot.

The dark yellow ginger tree flower catches the eye for a moment. Maybe it's because it's the first gingerbread I've seen this spring.

Cheongmaesil Farm, which was built on the hillside, has its own path and it would be good to walk along the busy road. There are candlelight houses, tile-roofed houses, pavilions, and even two or three observation decks, so I think it's a tourist attraction that people who enjoy photography every year visit at dawn.

How can I capture the plum blossoms of Gwangyang Maehwa Village, which was the filming site of the Jeolla-do trip Damo? I think the weather should be nice first. I've found a long way, so I'm going around to enjoy it with my eyes. In front of this building, which has a roof with a roof, there is a sign that says, "This is where we filmed Damo."

The red red plum blossoms are almost in full bloom, and the spring flower festival is not held, but it is a good March for a spring outing.

This is a view from the observatory behind the two grass roofs, and then climbed the stairs made of wooden decks and captured it from the second observatory. I found it at dawn.
It was better to find a famous place, which is a photo zone, than to grasp the approximate location, so it was easy to know the current location.

Tike was born and raised in Chungcheong-do, so he knew the plum tree, but he had no memory of plum. I think I found out it was plum concentrate after I visited here in 2001. Chungcheong Province, where I grew up, has a geographical climate where plum trees do not grow well. When I visited, I bought four of them and planted them in my hometown, but they didn't grow.
I could see that there were photo zones everywhere that could hold the certification. I think the people who visited at this time of the day are those who visited to capture the sunrise like me. It was only seen looking for a masterpiece without a sound, but it was not visible to people who took pictures of people.

It's a pavilion with a view of the Seomjingang River. You can see white and red plum blossoms everywhere.

I think I can capture the most blooming plum blossom view this weekend. Well, the best part is where you stand, but… I think it's the best place to put it on the rock behind the roof of a tile. Last year, a friend of mine told me that a lot of photography lovers were setting up tripods without a break.
Hong Ssang-ri Cheongmaesil Farm, which is somewhat distant from Jeolla-do, is the largest of Gwangyang Maehwa Village. Due to one person's adversity and hard work, this village is a popular place for people from all over the country in spring, and I think it has helped us to know a healthy drink called plum.

These are photos of spring flower festivals with hundreds and thousands of shutters, but I think the camera's performance can't exceed eye contact lenses and brain memory devices. Since it's a spring outing concept, when will it be a day to express more sophisticated and beautiful images? Hahaha

It's also a different subject to feel the view of this place from the edge of the roof, and to look in the opposite direction on the octagonal pavilion. I recommend you to try it on the pavilion.

We didn't decide on a particular route, and we went up and down in the direction we felt, so we spent more than three hours at the Cheongmae Room Farm.
Maybe a day trip would be a good idea. Next trip, I'll have to look around the neighborhood.

We can't determine the area, but considering the farm in front of us, I think it's the largest in Jeolla-do. It was a day when the early morning business trip made me a little leisurely.

This is the path in the farm from the second observatory. I think it's the best location to capture someone walking, so I'll wait a moment. But most of them found the sunrise.He was dressed in dark colors.

Around 9 a.m., I could see people visiting one by one for the sake of watching. In the past, there were a lot of red plum blossoms in this direction, and I couldn't tell where they were when I was with my family at Gwangyang Maehwa Village, which was my second trip to Jeolla-do. If I have time, I would like to run through the dawn to the spring outing of the spring flower festival on the weekend.

Will the people who will be the main characters in my lens pass by? I've been waiting for a while, but is it because it's a little distant? Make the following commitments:

Get down from the observatory and climb up a certain section of the road along the bamboo forest road. I was able to enjoy the scenery, all colored with plum blossoms.

If you follow the path to the right of the bamboo forest road, you will find 2,000 jars. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy processed products using plum. A few years ago, Mrs. Hong Ssang-ri opened a jar and showed me the instruments on TV shows such as the Human Theater and the Morning Garden. That jar is full of plum-based red pepper paste, soybean paste, and pickled vegetables.

I bought 3,500 won of plum ice cream at a booth where I can buy eye cream in front of the jar complex and tasted it. It was soft because it was a combination of sweet and sour taste. I don't usually enjoy it, but it was pretty good here. As I took off my mask and enjoyed it, I was in a hurry because the photographers came down in the meantime.

Hong Ssang-ri Cheongmae-sil Farm is located in the middle of the night. I was in a hurry to climb, so I couldn't feel the location, but as I went down, I quickly found out.

Traveling in Jeolla Province, Gwangyang Maehwa Village Spring Flower Festival. Spring outing that was fascinated by plum blossoms.
I could see plum blossoms carved into a big rock. It's a full-fledged viewing from here. I saw it on my way down. From the very top of the parking lot, I bought mow greens and chestnuts from the village elders. I could see a lot of people's support for the price. I think they gave me a lot when you said it was your first time. And with this day's luck, I was able to see Hong Ssang-ri, the history of plum. They held hands with my request. It was a spring travel destination in March.

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