It melts stress. It was anti-stress management.
It's the end of the year, but I can't feel the mood.I've been careful everywhere these days.There are a lot of people I want to see and do things I want to do.There are so many places I want to go.​Actually, it's hard to do things freely.I think it's time to cringe.​So rather than being […]

It's the end of the year, but I can't feel the mood.

I've been careful everywhere these days.

There are a lot of people I want to see and do things I want to do.

There are so many places I want to go.

Actually, it's hard to do things freely.

I think it's time to cringe.

So rather than being together,

Little by little, you know, find things you can do alone.

I'm trying to refresh myself.

A rest present for me!

Gangnam Massage YJ Spa & Waxing Refresh 스웨디시 Therapy Course

I made a reservation with Mr. Laura:)

It's so dry in winter.

My body lotion keeps coming up white.

I also need to take care of my body. I felt it.

Gangnam Massage YJ Spa & Waxing

Refreshing Therapy Management

It includes Vardiskrup.

It's also good for relaxing. It relieves a lot of stress.

It's called a healing course.

The tension and stress in the body

I want to take some time to put it down.

I made a reservation.

It's not far from Gangnam Station, so you can walk there.

I'm in a quiet residential area.

It was amazing going to Gangnam Spa YJ Spa & Waxing 🙂

It's located where there are wonderful houses.

Gangnam Massage Shop that takes good care of your skin.

It's famous, so it's better to make a reservation in advance!

I'll tell you my name when I get there.

I sat down for a while, and the director Lola came to see me.

He showed me to the maintenance office.

luxurious and private

Gangnam Spa YJ Spa & Waxing Management Office.

Refreshing Therapy Management

Body care. Salt scrub.

Bubble whipped cream shower management

It is included, so you can use it once you take it off.

in one's underwear, in one's gown.

I was sitting in a chair.

The management office is very private.

It's a calm atmosphere, so it's perfect for healing.

Really, when I arrived at Gangnam Spa YJ Spa and Waxing,

Take a step away from your daily routine for a while.

It was like a good rest. It was a relaxing time.

Warmly temperature-

Warm yourself from bed to dome.

It's under control.

Next is salt syrup.

Sometimes I scrub at home with a bar-disk.

It's true that I don't do it often because I'm lazy.

I've always felt like I wasn't very good at it.

Director Laura himself, the upper body and the lower body.

It's a very comfortable scrub.

You've done it without getting sick 🙂

My skin's been getting blurry lately.

I was worried about the bumps.

I feel refreshed when I get scrubbed.

The professional touch is definitely different.

When I scrub myself, it's too hard.

If you scrub and come out, you'll see if you've rubbed it.

It was red all over the place. It was irritating.

Lola's doing it.

Don't let it hurt, but carefully.

He took care of me.

I thought you weren't an expert.

It's an official I've never felt before.

Both front and back.

After scrubbing thoroughly,

Wipe with a steam towel.

I'm in charge of the collagen bubble whipped cream shower.

It said collagen bubble whipped cream shower management.

I was wondering what this was.

It's literally as soft as whipped cream.

Collagen Bubble. Received by microscopic stimulation.

Spa management. Antistress.

It's a very effective management.

I feel so good 🙂

The soft collagen bubble whipped cream that touches the body

# Gently wraps yourself around the world #

Slowly, softly, softly.

He's taking care of me.

She felt like she was melting.

Why the official name is Romantic Refresh Therapy.

Okay:) The name of the management is literally perfect.

It's a relaxing, relaxing routine.

I've been pressing like acupressure.

I've only gotten a lot of massages.

Wow, this time I'm getting this soft-hearted management.

You've noticed the charm:)

It was a very pleasant and drowsy official.

After collagen whipped cream bubble whipped cream shower care,

After taking a warm shower,

I feel like I'm born again.

It was a refreshing world.

Thank you so much, Director Laura!

And what I felt right after I took a shower was,

The dermatologist's completely soft.

It's gotten softer!

Actually, the skin covers the whole body.

It's too much on the face to take care of it.

You know, the skin on your body is precious.

It melts stress.

It was anti-stress management 🙂

Gangnam Massage YJ Spa & Waxing

For me who have worked so hard at the end of the year.

Give me a happy time as a gift.

I recommend it!

in easy condition

I've been home since I was taken care of.

I feel like I'm touching the skin of my body.

Thumbs up!

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