It’s said that the synergy effect goes up as well as well.
The instructions are good. I read them one by one.I saw the mode where I would use the most needed parts.My biggest concern these days is the elasticity.HahaWhen others see it, they say something's down.I'm so worried about the sagging of the flesh that only I feel.I can't afford to spend a lot of money.I'm […]

The instructions are good. I read them one by one.

I saw the mode where I would use the most needed parts.

My biggest concern these days is the elasticity.Haha

When others see it, they say something's down.

I'm so worried about the sagging of the flesh that only I feel.

I can't afford to spend a lot of money.

I'm going to use the Banave Lifting Cream together to take care of it.

It's good to just apply it on the basic level.

If you apply it with Galvanic Massage as a synergy effect business

It's a Banave Ultimate lifting cream that will take care of your skin's elasticity.

It doesn't contain artificial pigments or scents, so sensitive skin is okay!

It helps improve wrinkles and whitens at the same time.

Natural aging and photo-aging! business without a hitch

The requirement is that even if I just put it on, it's really applicable and absorbent.

It's a curved design that fits well with one hand.

It's made up of the head part that touches the skin directly and the button part below.

Buttons are like a slide touch.

You can selectively adjust vibration levels 1 to 3 with the power button.

You can select 6 modes using the slide touch operation below!

Each room had an air-bacterial device installed. There are many massage shops that are difficult to ventilate, but there are air purifiers all over the place, so it's really good to get care while breathing in fresh air. When I go to places where the air is not good, my nose or neck is very stuffy, but I received a pleasant treatment at 강남 스웨디시 Asan Massage Shop.


It is designed in a light pink gold color and white color.

When I put it on one side of the dressing table, it feels like I'm not jealous of professional care.^^

No time constraints, just one of these things at home, and you're done with all your care.

To be faithful to the basics, I think washing is the most important thing.

I hate the residue waste.

But no matter how clean you are,

You won't be able to wipe it in this clean-up mode.

After washing your face, in the basic steps,

Usually, it's just a cotton swab and wipe it off several times.

Now with Galvanic Massage UP6!

Open the UP6 cap, soak the cotton pad with toner as usual,

Put it in the head, close the cap again,

Set it to clean-up mode and use it!

I like three levels of vibration.

Wipe from the inside to the outside of the skin and use it like a massage!

Make sure that the skin surface is even and that it has a clean-up effect.

I'm here for a foot bath. First, the massage manager cleans my feet at 24 o'clock. I always feel this, but when he cleans my feet, I always feel itchy and embarrassed.

Is it right after washing your face? Eww-e-e-e-eh-

I didn't expect this much waste.

I thought this was a clean, clean state.

It was too much to fall asleep.

After I finished organizing my skin, my skin became calm and tidy. Smooth Clean >

It was hard to clean up the waste matter between the wrinkles of the makeup residue with the usual hand-only cleansing.

Pull it with ion. Perfect cleansing effect!

These days, my biggest concern is that I'm going to be able to take care of

Lifting mode muscles through contraction and relaxation

It helps to improve elastic care.

You can also control the vibration level.

I like level 1 or vibration-free mode.


Banave Ultimate Lifting Cream

+ I've been taking care of it in lifting mode.

It's double the synergy effect than just applying it with your hands.

Apply a thin layer overall.

Galvanic Massage Barnabas Up6 Roxks Up.

If you hold it upside down and do this, the effect is up!

It's a creamy, full of moisture and nutrients.

There are five wavelengths of light, like color therapy.

It's said that the synergy effect goes up as well as well.

I turn off the lights in the evening, and I'm sitting on the dressing table and massaging myself.

It's so comfortable that my skin feels like it's really melting.

It's very elastic!

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